Raukaua edgerleyi (Hook.f.) Seem. (1866)

kingdom: Plantae phylum: Tracheophyta subphylum: Spermatophytina class: Magnoliopsida order: Apiales family: Araliaceae genus: Raukaua



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SelectAccession NumberDetermined NameDuplicate InstituteCollectorCollection DateCountryLand DistrictEcological DistrictHabitatHostType Status
CHR 193847 ARaukaua edgerleyi B.H. Macmillan 69/481969-02-15New Zealand  beech forest   
CHR 205923 ARaukaua edgerleyi W.R. Sykes 175/701970-05-07New Zealand  Low podocarp forest.   
CHR 205923 BRaukaua edgerleyi W.R. Sykes 175/701970-05-07New Zealand  Low podocarp forest.   
CHR 209371 ARaukaua edgerleyi AP Druce1970-09New Zealand  forest   
CHR 209371 BRaukaua edgerleyi AP Druce1970-09New Zealand  forest   
CHR 274547 ARaukaua edgerleyi Diana & GC Kelly1975-03New Zealand  Kamahi mahoe mixed BL forest of hillslope   
CHR 274547 BRaukaua edgerleyi Diana & GC Kelly1975-03New Zealand  Kamahi mahoe mixed BL forest of hillslope   
CHR 334499 ARaukaua edgerleyi H Carse New Zealand     
CHR 334499 BRaukaua edgerleyi H. Carse 1006/3 New Zealand     
CHR 420630 ARaukaua edgerleyi W.R. Sykes 169/85 1985-11-13New Zealand  Ridge top moss forest.   
CHR 420630 BRaukaua edgerleyi W.R. Sykes 169/85 1985-11-13New Zealand  Ridge top moss forest.   
CHR 455326 ARaukaua edgerleyi E.H. Woods 87/48; B.H. Macmillan1987-01-26New Zealand  Forest.   
CHR 455326 BRaukaua edgerleyi E.H. Woods 87/48; B.H. Macmillan1987-01-26New Zealand  Forest.   
CHR 11297Raukaua edgerleyi  1924-01New Zealand     
CHR 11330Raukaua edgerleyi HHA [Allan HH]1925-01-04New Zealand     
CHR 11331Raukaua edgerleyi HHA [Allan HH]1925-01-04New Zealand     
CHR 11332Raukaua edgerleyi  1925-01-04New Zealand     
CHR 11333Raukaua edgerleyi HHA [Allan HH] New Zealand     
CHR 11334Raukaua edgerleyi  1925-09New Zealand     
CHR 11368Raukaua edgerleyi L. Cockayne1902-10New Zealand     
CHR 11369Raukaua edgerleyi L. Cockayne1892-06New Zealand     
CHR 11370Raukaua edgerleyi L. Cockayne1902-10New Zealand     
CHR 19338Raukaua edgerleyi A.L. Poole1937-12New Zealand     
CHR 22116Raukaua edgerleyi R. Mason1933-09New Zealand  Rainforest   
CHR 24298Raukaua edgerleyi L.B.M. [Moore LB]1939-04-25New Zealand     
CHR 108012Raukaua edgerleyi M.J.A. Simpson1958-02-21New Zealand     
CHR 114984Raukaua edgerleyi C.E. Foweraker1930-08New Zealand     
CHR 127227Raukaua edgerleyi R. Melville 5122 C.1961-11-03New Zealand  2nd growth Kauri forest.   
CHR 127228Raukaua edgerleyi R. Melville (5122)1961-11-03New Zealand  2nd growth kauri forest,   
CHR 129807Raukaua edgerleyi A.P. Druce1962-11New Zealand  forest   
CHR 140217Raukaua edgerleyi R. Melville (6590)1962-03-06New Zealand     
CHR 152528Raukaua edgerleyi I.R. Fryer1964-10-17New Zealand  Forest.   
CHR 157610Raukaua edgerleyi W.R. Sykes1965-05-02New Zealand  Forest.   
CHR 166666Raukaua edgerleyi P Wardle1966-02-20New Zealand  Forest   
CHR 191239Raukaua edgerleyi E.J. Godley1974-05-19New Zealand  Podocarp-dicotylous forest.   
CHR 191240Raukaua edgerleyi E.J. Godley1974-05-19New Zealand  Podocarp-dicotylous forest.   
CHR 197466Raukaua edgerleyi AP Druce1970-03New Zealand  forest margin in gully   
CHR 208679Raukaua edgerleyi AP Druce1973-03New Zealand  forest   
CHR 208811Raukaua edgerleyi A.P. Druce1972-12New Zealand  forest   
CHR 210611Raukaua edgerleyi A.P. Druce1971-06New Zealand  forest   
CHR 210757Raukaua edgerleyi A.P. Druce1970-10New Zealand  scrub   
CHR 213450Raukaua edgerleyi R.C. Cooper1966-08-17New Zealand     
CHR 216686Raukaua edgerleyi A.P. Druce1970-02New Zealand  forest   
CHR 216704Raukaua edgerleyi A.P. Druce1970-02New Zealand  forest   
CHR 218036Raukaua edgerleyi F. Shakespear1898-12New Zealand     
CHR 228447Raukaua edgerleyi P Wardle1977-08-02New Zealand  Rimu/kamahi forest.   
CHR 229217Raukaua edgerleyi G. Rawlings, A. Esler 4002, D. Smith & S. Astridge1972-04-14New Zealand  Taraire forest   
CHR 229582Raukaua edgerleyi K.A. Beckett1972-04-15New Zealand  Forest.   
CHR 234171Raukaua edgerleyi B.H. Macmillan 72/10151972-08-29New Zealand  cut & open LI forest.   
CHR 244627Raukaua edgerleyi A.P. Druce1972-06New Zealand  (isolated tree) in pasture   
CHR 256645Raukaua edgerleyi S.J. Astridge, A.E. Esler 44711973-12-04New Zealand  Regenerating forest.   
CHR 268941Raukaua edgerleyi H.T. [Talbot H]1963-10-17New Zealand     
CHR 274588Raukaua edgerleyi Diana & GC Kelly1975-06New Zealand  Mixed beech Kamahi BL forest   
CHR 275502Raukaua edgerleyi A.P. Druce1975-05New Zealand  forest   
CHR 275777Raukaua edgerleyi A.E. Beveridge1969-02-18New Zealand  Podocarp broadleaf forest.   
CHR 277803Raukaua edgerleyi AP Druce1974-11New Zealand  forest   
CHR 285989Raukaua edgerleyi B.R. Cook 1976-02-08New Zealand     
CHR 286694Raukaua edgerleyi A.P. Druce1977-04New Zealand  forest on river terrace   
CHR 309731Raukaua edgerleyi J.K. Bartlett1977-03-17New Zealand  N.E. face   
CHR 312185Raukaua edgerleyi A.P. Druce1978-12New Zealand  forest in gully   
CHR 312580Raukaua edgerleyi J.K. Bartlett1977-07New Zealand     
CHR 312591Raukaua edgerleyi J.K. Bartlett1977-07New Zealand  Juvenile epiphytic on C. medullaris.   
CHR 313243Raukaua edgerleyi AP Druce1977-11New Zealand  river terrace forest   
CHR 313645Raukaua edgerleyi J.K. Bartlett1977-08New Zealand     
CHR 318608Raukaua edgerleyi J.K. Bartlett1977-10-16New Zealand     
CHR 324140Raukaua edgerleyi C. Ogle1978-02-06New Zealand  forest   
CHR 324542Raukaua edgerleyi G Loh1978-01-30New Zealand  mature hill beech/podocarp forest open understory   
CHR 334310Raukaua edgerleyi H Carse, D Tracey1905-01-15New Zealand     
CHR 334312Raukaua edgerleyi H Carse New Zealand  In forest.   
CHR 334313Raukaua edgerleyi H Carse1908-02New Zealand     
CHR 334314Raukaua edgerleyi H Carse New Zealand     
CHR 334315Raukaua edgerleyi J Bishop, H Carse1923-03-25New Zealand     
CHR 334316Raukaua edgerleyi H Carse1897-12-02New Zealand     
CHR 334317Raukaua edgerleyi H Carse New Zealand     
CHR 334318Raukaua edgerleyi T. Kirk New Zealand     
CHR 334319Raukaua edgerleyi T. Kirk New Zealand     
CHR 335289Raukaua edgerleyi D. Petrie1919-11New Zealand     
CHR 355385Raukaua edgerleyi H.D. Wilson 789-1461978-11-20New Zealand  Cutover forest   
CHR 364046Raukaua edgerleyi PN Johnson1981-09-04New Zealand  among low trees (mahoe, fuchsia) in forest remnant   
CHR 365055Raukaua edgerleyi M. Heginbotham1976-01New Zealand  montane forest - S.E. of Motu road at Papamoa Hill crest   
CHR 365056Raukaua edgerleyi M. Heginbotham1975-11New Zealand  Montane forest: old roadside bank - Papamoa Hill.   
CHR 365057Raukaua edgerleyi M. Heginbotham1977-08New Zealand  north western edge of Chillcott's clearing - edge of forest.   
CHR 365058Raukaua edgerleyi M. Heginbotham1977-08New Zealand  north west edge of Chillcott's clearing - forest edge.   
CHR 365059Raukaua edgerleyi M. Heginbotham1979-02New Zealand  epiphyte on forest margin, ridge behind Lottin Point coastal area   
CHR 367135Raukaua edgerleyi C.C. Ogle 4111980-04New Zealand  Epiphytic on Cyathea dealbata Kanuka -(n. rata)-(miro) forest   
CHR 368980Raukaua edgerleyi Wanganui Museum Botanical Group 1151980-08-03New Zealand  Edge of bush   
CHR 369599Raukaua edgerleyi A.W. Ericson1981-03New Zealand  darker side of slope at about 700ft. and in very natural conditions.   
CHR 401597Raukaua edgerleyi AP Druce1985-07New Zealand  forest   
CHR 417951Raukaua edgerleyi Courtney S1984-11-19New Zealand  Steep hillslope with Quintinia serrata and Weinmannia racemosa.   
CHR 419212Raukaua edgerleyi Wardle P1985-01-10New Zealand  In kamahi forest.   
CHR 419542Raukaua edgerleyi Flux I1985-02-20New Zealand  Epiphyte in large matai tree signposted on road edge.   
CHR 420629Raukaua edgerleyi W.R. Sykes 168/851985-11-13New Zealand  Ridge top moss forest.   
CHR 420647Raukaua edgerleyi W.R. Sykes 186/851985-11-13New Zealand  Low moss forest.   
CHR 446608Raukaua edgerleyi W.W. Clarke1957-01-04New Zealand     
CHR 461095Raukaua edgerleyi Druce AP 4161989-04-10New Zealand  Miro-kamahi forest.   
CHR 471577Raukaua edgerleyi Druce AP APD111989-02New Zealand  Forest epiphyte.   
CHR 472698Raukaua edgerleyi de Lange PJ 3711990-06-30New Zealand  One specimen epiphytic on Dicksonia squarrosa. Dicksonia squarrosa 
CHR 476871Raukaua edgerleyi Wardle P; Buxton RP1991-12-04New Zealand  Lower-tier tree in silver beech/kamahi forest, on slope just below saddle.   
CHR 634475Panax edgerleyi JBA [Armstrong JB] New Zealand     
CHR 656798Pseudopanax edgerleyi J.G. Polson1977-09New Zealand     

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